July 22, 2010

Chapter 1: The Tyranny of the Prefrontal Cortex

Posted in Pfc tyranny: overview tagged , at 2:24 pm by Jeremy

I’m posting a pdf of the first chapter draft of my book, Finding the Li: Towards a Democracy of Consciousness.

[Click here to open the pdf file]

Chapter 1 is entitled “The Tyranny of the Prefrontal Cortex” and explains what I mean by that phrase.  It examines the exponential rate of change experienced by human civilization since prehistory, and places it in the context of the pfc’s increasing dominance of human consciousness.  The chapter covers some possible criticisms of the notion of the pfc’s “tyranny,” and also introduces the idea of a “cognitive history,” as a kind of archaeology of the mind.  Finally, it summarizes the four stages of the pfc’s increased power in history that the book will examine in more detail.

As always, constructive comments from readers of my blog are appreciated.


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