September 9, 2012

Video presentation of “Changing Metaphors of Nature”

Posted in Uncategorized at 10:39 pm by Jeremy

Last month, I gave a presentation at the World History Association conference in Grand Rapids, MI, called Humanity’s Changing Metaphors of Nature, which is now up on YouTube.   The presentation explains the power of metaphor in human cognition, and shows how humanity’s metaphors of Nature have changed as we transitioned through different stages of our history.  It also looks at current metaphors of nature proposed in response to global climate change, and some of their disturbing entailments.

Click here to watch the 20 minute presentation.


  1. sincromistico said,

    Hey! Great presentation! What do you think about Ken Wilber work and the Spiral Dinamics model?

  2. j-man said,

    I see some overlaps between my work and Wilber’s, but also some significant differences. We do, however, both agree on the importance of integration as a path to optimal health of the human organism and a sustainable and healthy relationship between humanity and the natural world.

  3. step back said,

    For some reason my long comment yesterday got dropped (or snagged by a spam catcher).
    Short summary: Your analysis of our changing views of “Nature” (i.e. Mother Nature) were spot on for a post I recently did regarding justices seeing Nature as a “Law Giver”. Thanks

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